Spending More Time with Him

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Why build a prayer room? You are basically setting up a place people can have purposeful, intimate time with God. You are encouraging and making it easier for people to spend more deep and meaningful time with God. Everything flows from your relationship with God. If you help people to connect with God more, there's healing, vision, forgiveness, spiritual renewal and rest, ministry fruit, spiritual growth, tears, peace, and answered prayers.

I've personally seen so much fruit in my life and those coming through these temporary prayer rooms that I am building this website to encourage other to set up prayer rooms as well.

Thinking about building a Prayer Room?

The next few sections listed in the left menu (submenu next to title for mobile) describe how to section of a large room, build stations and such.

How do I build a prayer room?

There's no correct way. This section is just to help give you ideas and teach you some tricks we've learned from building prayer rooms.